Blue Shark Hooded Towel

$28.00 USD


Product Description

This super cute shark towel will bath time extra fun. The head of the shark is a hood that will help your little one wrap the towel completely around themselves. In the top corners are hand pockets for your child's hands to go in so they can be completely engulfed in their towel. The back of the towel has a fin on it which makes using this towel super fun. Your little one can bend over and run around pretending s/he is a real shark. The towel measures approximately 54 inches across when fully opened.

This color and design has been chosen by a specific child based on what they like. If you would like a different color (my daughter for instance wants a pink shark towel) or a different design (angry birds and princesses coming soon) just message me. I am sure we can get you what you are looking for.

Thanks for looking!

Blue Shark Hooded Towel

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I love making fun clothes for my kids, dressing them in things that are different and suit their personalities and I'm excited to be able to offer these same things to you and yours! In addition what you can find here, feel free to message me for any different characters, a different styles, and more!