Kylo Inspired Dress and Hoodie

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Product Description

This dress is inspired by the newest Star Wars bad guy - Kylo Ren. The bodice and top skirt, and the under skirt are black. On the front are appliqued silver lines that look like Kylo's mask. The skirt is a double layer skirt that has a very fun flare to it and resembles the cloak that Kylo wears. The hoodie consists of a black hood with a short shall like back. **** Please note that shall has purposefully placed rips in the back and the sides are not finished. This is to give it an authentic Kylo look. The hood and all things that will effect function are finished and well made but the finishing items are left off for look. If you would prefer a fully finished, not ripped hoodie please contact me. These are not mistakes :) **** This dress is cotton and lightweight. It is a great dress for warm weather and can be worn on cooler days with a long sleeve shirt and leggings - message me if interested in a coordinating one.

With all the new Star Wars excitement this is the perfect dress for any Star Wars event - including the new movie.

This item is available in sizes 12M - 12 Smaller and larger sizes, including adult, are available by request.

This character/color has been chosen by my child, based on what they like. Please feel free to convo with me if there is something your child(ren) would like that you do not see listed here.

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Thanks for looking!

Kylo Inspired Dress and Hoodie Kylo Inspired Dress and Hoodie Kylo Inspired Dress and Hoodie

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